Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Ardbog day is closing in..

It is about the old and ancient secret. How the peat beats it’s way through the land. Through the rock and rain. Generations and millennia's pass and fade into the pages of history. Long ago, a prehistoric man walked on a plains and mountains. Leaving his mark. Forging the sword and avoiding those mighty mammoths. It was a perilous time but they had the fire, that burns. I have no doubt, that in those times they thought of the things that come. They did not know years as we do, but the passage of time was in the form of the moon, of the sun and of those brilliant stars lighting the dark night. Runes, stories and tall tales were born.
They had their instincts, strength and skill. They knew how to hunt, how to prey and how to fight. Perhaps we share something of that, buried inside our dna. Every time we start a fire, smell smoke and feel the peat, we get into the past gone. Sitting by tarp, listening to the nature, looking a those flames. That is when you feel serenity and the surroundings. For a moment, there is no modern world but the feeling of something older, something that changes the nature of the man.
The taste is rich, imagination spurring and contains a lots of smoke and fire. The peat promises a long lasting fever, that will make you want to taste it again.
The Ardbog day is June 1st.

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