Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bunnahabhain Cruach-Mhona - peat fire elemental

It is the fire that burns hot in this dram. Distilled in a unknown basement, under heavy guard. It is there, where elements were joined, missing peat atoms combined and came out a smoke and a blast, that left those mystical magincians speechless, peachless and standing without eye-browns.

From the forest, where none was supposed to pass, a lone hero found the herbs, that had been enchanted by satyr's flute notes. Hiding, taking a dare risk, he took those hot peat seeds along. Like orbs they seeked to escape, yelling for help. A run, a fierce dash, followed. Panting, the wanderer stubled into a rock and down the pit he fell. There, painted on a everlasting rock wall, a paint revealed the secrets of Uisge Beatha. It is there, deep below the ground, where those peat seeds found the fire and produced crops that became the basic element of Cruach-Mhona. The Peat Stack.

It burns. It smokes. And it takes you to a fresh journey, where Islay dram is always the reward and joy!


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