Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Port Charlotte – A journey through savage peat lands

Ironclad boots echo, through the long forgotten forest. Ancient terrain, forefather’s rituals and long gone fauna have forged the realm into fragments of memories, stories and legends told by bonfires. Here in this place, those great feats were accomplished. Here, the giants were slain, blood was born and it burned fierce. It is here, where the king peat and queen earth hungrily devoured what remained on these adventurous fields. It is here, where Norse gods slept on those mounds,Vikings rallied and people of the forest forged the steel and the dram. On this foundation, the great journey “An Turas Mor” began and great deeds were performed, magnificent tastes encountered and the smell of wild nature embraced.


The fierce dragon of the North, ravaged these savage lands. Forest yielded, pines shattered, oak crumbles. These majestic trees fell before the untamed spirit of roar. This beast called on smoke, fire and ash, black arts and strange rituals. Dancing across the new moon, created terror and people painted the history on their cave walls. Fingers clawed through the peat and dust, finding the rich soil, An Ataireachd Ard and deep-peat that was only a story before shamans tasted the newfound spirit of wilds. 


In the hiding, new blades with runes were forged and a champion was born. The endless time passed on, men welcomed the new taste into their mouth. A dram like no other. Something spectacular emerged, which ignited the fire in ancient’s hearts again. To strive forwards, pushing the limits backwards. That is the nature of the man and of the Uisge Beatha, to feel the heavily peated beat of one’s heart.


They come to find the splendid peat, wielding a heavy shield. In the mouth, feel the raging fire, anger and serenity of the waterfall. The future lurks just around a corner, smiling and smirking. Strong and powerful is the champion, yet you can recall him writing poetry on delicate flower pedals. He is a warrior, who can charm nymphs while fighting the mighty dragon!


The legend of An Turas Mor will continue.. with more photographs. Photoshop was not involved in the process.

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