Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Midsummer! Hyvää Juhannusta!

Despite the Brexit news (the flow of Whisky cannot be interrupted!) I wish you all awesome Midsummer and Summer.
Here is a nice Whisky for this summer: 2007 distilled and 2010 bottled one of the first Kilchoman I got to know!

Enjoy your dram!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Teerenpeli Kaski : update

Every whisky has that moment. It is the point of no return, when you pour last dram out of the bottle and then it is empty. It is no more. It was unique at the best, relief at worst.

I noticed that my original blog post about Teerenpeli Kaski, which I wrote three years ago, did not do it justice after all. Check the post, but beware: it is written in Finnish:

What has changed in three years? 

Of course I have changed. I have walked on my road, found new treasures and lots of tastes in the Whisky world. Perhaps it has shown me a lots more of shades to this drams.

Time has also changed Kaski. It has gasped air, it has traveled and it has been sleeping in my closet. In a sense, it has "matured". Not in a barrel-sense, but all that air has done some changes. Especially after the bottle had less than 1/3 of it's content left.

So there it was. And the bottle was empty.

What took me by the surprise, was that how good Kaski felt. It had much more broader shoulders than three, or even two, years ago. There was depth and soul. There was even some smoke present in all that complex form.

Overall, the experience was into the standards I expected of Kaski three years ago. Perhaps I have changed more than the whisky, but frankly I don't care. Man can change. Man's nature can change. Whisky can change too. This is evolution, not the final stop.

What can change the nature of the..
I have found that last drops of strong flavored drams (peatsmoke) usually only get better and better. The air does change it, which is great - you can live with the Whisky and experience all sides of it. Meanwhile you will have much more contrast, since you obviously have sampled some other whiskies during those years.

I hope the same effect will happen to my Hosa ( ) as well. It still has plently of content, so I might just sip it carefully every few months.. Just make sure about it's quality and observe the change.

Dram on! Let's enjoy the world of whisky in all it's forms!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Vintage Finnish Whisky ads

My friend found some old newspapers from the year 1932 and saw there something that he knew I would be interested about. Not that many of those whiskies are around these days.

These days you are not allowed to advertise whisky in newspapers anymore - at least not in Finland.
It would be good to store some of the current ads, they would be interesting to check out in 70-80 years from now.

What is the most interesting whisky ad you have seen so far?