Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kilchoman News: Loch Gorm 2014 coming out early April!

Kilchoman sent an email newsletter about upcoming Loch Gorm 2014. Photo is also by Kilchoman.

I was really fond of the Kilchoman 2013, so I am waiting to get this onto my Glencairn for tasting.

In the first week of April we will be releasing the next edition of Loch Gorm. This full ex-sherry cask matured release was filled into fresh Oloroso sherry butts in 2009 and bottled in spring 2014, which creates a unique balance of classic Kilchoman character and rich Oloroso sherry influence.
This is the second Loch Gorm Single Malt to be released and only a limited number will be available worldwide. Each release is differentiated by the distillation and bottling dates on the front of the bottle and carton.

As you may already know this range is named after the famously peaty loch in front of the distillery; Kilchoman draws the water for Loch Gorm from the burn that runs into the loch.

Nose: mixed preserved fruit, particularly lemon and rich peat smoke
Palate: dry cereal flavour develops in honey and biscuit with lingering peat
Finish: richly sweet and smoky

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  1. Tämähän oli mielenkiintoinen uutuus, joutuukohan sitä sittenkin ostamaan taas Klichomanin pullotteita vaikka 100% Islay 2nd edition oli mielestäni hieman pettymys. Tuossa voisi olla ideaa...