Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Six Isles – blended islay in a bottle

20140106-20140106124830-IMG_2481_smallThe Six Isles is a vatting, that summons it’s energy from the six isles in Scotland. Presented are Islay, Jura, Skye, Mull, Orkney and Arran.

Which drams did they use in the vatting? Jura, Skye and Arran don’t produce anything but Jura, Talisker and Arran.. at least not yet. Mull has Tobermory and Ledaig, Orkney produces Highland Park and Scapa (which one is more famous?) and then there is our beloved Islay which has a lot more to choose from. I’d make a guess on Caol Ila on this one, after all it is a huge producer of whisky in there and most mystery malts are made of it.

Some time has passed, since the uncapping the bottle for the first time. The taste gas developed for a lot better, than during the first ritual. The oxygen has worked it’s chants and now there is a nice combination of pepper, peat, smoke, oak, and sweetness with citrus. Soft, but somewhat bitter.

Not a bad result, for a vatted/blended malt. This does not compare to many of elixirs that flow from the Islay but this is definitely a nice whisky to drink – if you are in the mood for that. However, if you are new to whiskies, try a more “pure” dram that has a powerful character and a long taste after a long night. 

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