Thursday, March 20, 2014

Irish Midleton Redbreast 12YO Single Pot Still 40%

20140316-20140316133519-IMG_3807_small I must admit, I have not been too keen about Irish whiskies. I’ve had my experiences with Jameson and some others too. But usually good Irish seldom walks onto my way. I do prefer to drink Irish coffee, but for that purpose you really don’t want to use anything special.

Now I got a sample of Redbreast from a friend. I had to find out a bit more about this whiskey and the distillery. Wikipedia article gives out some details and facts.

The nose is surprisingly soft and good! I might have thought this is a soft bourbon, had I not already searched for the information. There seems to be a lots of similarities towards bourbons, than towards Scottish drams. But not bad, not bad at all. Very pleasant nose, with nuts and spices.

The palate continues the experience. I am surprised, how easy this is to drink. There is enough complexity and taste, spices and citrus fruits which don’t attack on sight. Instead this has a long finish and taste remains good. There is some bitterness and hints that this is not a dram, but a whiskey.
This would be a nice whiskey to accompany for the evening. Easy, light, tasty and yet had enough body to carry on. You don’t get drained into too deep with this one, but there is enough character to keep it interesting for a longer period of time.

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