Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wemyss “White Chocolate Torte” 24 YO Tormore 1988

Wemyss is a interesting independent bottler in Scotland. They have provided me with some interesting experiences, notably Peat Chimney (article yet pending) and Billowing Embers. I also had a chance to have a interesting talk with their representative at the Uisge 2014 in Helsinki. So based with all that, my expectations are high with 24YO whisky. I also like the way Wemyss creates stories and names their bottling. There are already some feelings involved, before you get to taste it the first time.


Does the naming affect the nose and the palate? I say yes, since when they have given some reference it is a lot easier to find that scent and taste in the dram. There is freshness present, and of course the while chocolate cake. Raisins and fruits. Very delicious cake that ought to be really sweet!
The palate.. It is like you just had a slice of that cake! I rarely have thing strong effects on the taste, but this is really the spot on! While chocolate is strongly present with fruits and sweetness. Yogurt raisins also describe some of tastes really well!

And the finish is long, lasting and filled with white chocolate andd more yogurt raisins.
I don’t think I’ve ever tasted Tormore, so I cannot compare this one for the normal range they have. This is not a smoky dram, instead this one draws it’s sources from the Speyside. But there is enough complexity and taste to make this one a really enjoyable whisky! Some bitterness and lack of really strong tastes can keep people at a distance, but this one would do really nicely in early phases of tastings.

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