Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blackadder Smoking Islay Raw Cask October/2013 sherry finish

20140314-20140314175817-IMG_3742_small This one is very similar to the one I blogged about a bit earlier. This is also a mystery dram, but some information about it is given out: This is 58.2%, from a single Oak Hogshead (cask BA2013/451) and it is a bottle 299/370. This one also has a lots of sediment present in the bottle and based on the previous one, expectations are rising again.
The color does not reveal it’s sherry finishing. It is very similarly pale as it’s brother. This dram needs to breath in a Glencairn for a while. It contains a lots of alcohol in it’s nose, but also plenty of sweet smoke is present. My nose is overwhelmed by these two characteristics, so there isn’t much need to keep on continuing the nosing.

Palate strikes with power, rawness, oiliness and sweet smokiness. There are knights and lords, maids and dominas, slaves and plenty of weapons of mass destruction. The sherry finishing adds to complexity, when compared to it’s brother but otherwise it is not much present here. There isn’t the big dragon smoke, but this time it is like the burning village. Still raw and harsh, but it will not slay you on the sight.

On the second mouthful the palate is much more oilier and the sherry fruits find their way to the surface. Strong and deadly, but very enjoyable like the waiting for the final battle just ended and the action commences. This is also a big experience. There is character, there is fear but also a extremely strong taste that abides will with the high voltage. 

20140314-20140314175518-IMG_3736_small Adding some water needs to be tested as well. After the all out attack, the result is much more easy. The oiliness walks in as a tidal wave and flushes through the mouth with a force. The oil burns with a thick smoke, that provides a great experience: smoky peaty Islay dram. It is great to see these whiskies to hold true to their name: Smoking Islay. They really are special and powerful. Something I enjoy enormously!

And yes, the added water works here. The base is a fiery ancient red dragon that needs some taming so you can ride it and enjoy it fully! Once the glass is empty, it is like there is a bonfire set in it!
20140314-20140314180529-IMG_3762_small I know Blackadder wants to keep this a mystery, but I’d love to know what this actually is. My guess is, that this would be Octomore, since the glass has similar scents in the end but this is much more raw than the Octomores usually..

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