Monday, March 31, 2014

Ardbeg Auriverdes scores on the Ardbeg day 31.5.2014

The next Ardbeg day is approaching. If you recall, the last year it was named the Ardbog day but I guess it was not a lasting tradition. Now it is about Ardbeg again. The day is 31th of May. Around that time (or during that day) the next Ardbeg is released to hit the goals again. This time it is called Auriverdes, auri for the golden whisky and verde for the green bottle. Also, there seems to be a some kind of football theme present. As with Ardbeg, it is not just a ordinary soccer but the peated version of it: Peat Football. They will be arranging some such events around the globe. As for Finland, we are also known to swamp soccer, check this Google results for photos:

So, as usual with the Ardbeg, there should be a plenty of peat in the dram. Also Ardbeg tells about the toasted cask lids, that should result giving a mocha coffee flavor and some creamy vanilla. It does sound indeed strange, but of course – as with all Ardbegs – I do wait with anticipation to get to taste this one too. It also follows the rough strength of previous special editions: 49.9%.

Photo linked from site:

That site also has more info about this one. I especially like the tasting notes they already have:

Taste: Coffee grounds pass to smoked root vegetables, while maple-cured bacon collides with hot-smoked salmon

Finish:  A lingering, smoky vanilla note

Check their full article here:

Also some Dutch site has a label photo and their blog entry:

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