Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kilchoman 2007 vintage 6yo – Relax, enjoy and live a little

The dark and stormy late autumn can grow tiring. Lack of light, short days, fog and rain, wind that topples hundreds of trees and smashes electricity grid offline for days. In the dark, it is great to have some relief and escape to warm memories of long past summer. The heat, the sun. Lakes that invite you to swim and dive, rocky shores, small details in twisted pines and reflections. While in the dark, free your mind and 20131121-20131121133905-IMG_2040_smallfeel the summer in your thoughts. There are adventures that await, splendid wonders and strong experiences. But sometimes.. when you feel dark..  pour a dram and enjoy the moment. Life is wonderful.

Kilchoman distillery began it’s production in 2005. Finally they have released their, so far, oldest bottling. Vintage 2007 is 6 years old Kilchoman. It is matured solely in fresh bourbon barrels and it’s release is about 10 000 bottles. I must admit, that I have loved Kilchoman since the first dram I tasted it. Young, smoky, stylish and tasty. For me, it seems that the distillery really puts their heart and skills into it. And younger whisky also goes with faster pace of modern day – you will need more variations and innovations to stay on top. You just can’t do “the same old” again and again. At least I enjoy the different tastes and experiences distilleries produce these days.

The nose is warm and delightful. Peat and smoke, combined with bourbon vanilla and oak. Strong but not aggressive. Powerful but not mindless. There really is character that I do enjoy.

Tasting continues the experience. One of the best Kilchoman for me. Clean, peaty, smoky and broad vanilla that is not overwhelmed. Citrus and smoke. This is a dram for relaxation.  There is no edge, no fist and you don’t get beaten up. This is lingering, stays on your tongue for a very long time. Smoke is a bit different than before, it has evolved to more complex form that can weave some magic to your nervous systems. The finish is really long.

I do like that this one is quite soft. But it is not a runaway soldier. It has teeth, it has power, but they are presented in paladin’s form. Elegant, smooth and shiny – but you know there are thousands of miles behind those eyes. This is one for tastings! Before writing a blog, I took some Machir Bay 2013 first to find out my whereabouts. I do recommend using these two scotch in this order in any tasting. They work out beautifully!

Two latest products of the Kilchoman distillery are Second Club Release and this 2007 Vintage.


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