Saturday, July 11, 2015

Some good things can emerge in small packages.. Talisker Skye gives an effort and hopes to join those some.

Talisker of the Isle of Skye has a whisky bottling names Skye. So I think it makes this Skye of Skye. The Skye is more or less a travel retail NAS bottling. It has a nice name and a great brand. And via a sample, I got a chance to meet this newcomer in a quiet room.
The Talisker has some real nice whiskies. I haven’t had the pleasure to meet many of them, but those who did pass my door have been enjoyable. In general Talisker is spicy dram that comes from a stormy seas. It has spice, it has iodine and it has the spirit of Vikings in it. Strong and gets the point through quickly.
The Skye is not a exception. It has fruits (citrus mostly), it has some smoke, it has the marine feel, peppers and spices. It is kind of Talisker, yes. But it has been tamed. It is a facade built to impress.
The good is that it is of the Talisker family. Easy to drink and it will make an impact. You will taste this easily after a more than few drinks. It is more closer to general whiskey than it’s older brothers. You drink it and you grin. The finish is more about burn, than about real tastes.
The bad, is that the taste won’t carry very long. It just does not impress. The note is there but the voice is weak. It is a Viking boat that never left the docks. A nice blade, which will brake if you actually use it.
A great dram in a bar and to get drunk, but the price is too steep for that. I suppose if you are a Talisker fan, you will want to test this. I recommend my way: get a sample first.
If you are new to Talisker, try to out Talisker Distiller’s Edition or even the basic 10 years old first. If you are more into the smoke, , then the Dark Storm will get you onto the right level instantly.

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