Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ledaig 10 YO – a peated stranger who hails from the isle of Mull

There are many whiskies I haven’t tasted (yet) but once in a while, now and then, a newcomer makes it final steps into my glass. I’ve had a meeting with a very different Ledaig two years ago ( ). Juhannus, the Midsummer, was during the last weekend so it is appropriate to write about this too.
The Ledaig 10 years old (46.3%) is the standard issue. Unchillfiltered. You can find this from normal stores – or you can take a trip to Estonia to get it in a lower price (looking from Finland’s perspective). Stepping ahead of myself, this is good quality for it’s price – and it even does not have much smoke in it.
Last year this dram would have been the most welcome: it was a damp, rainy and cold Juhannus. We’ll see how it goes on this year, but I’d suspect that even it the weather is better this dram will do just nicely.
I love the nose in this one. It is peaty and a bit smoky. But it is also very delicate: if you taste this after Ardbeg 10YO you will be lost. But if you start the tasting with this one.. then you’ll get the pleasant peat and smoke in there.
The palate is strong for it’s power. This is more raw and unfinished, than you’d expect. After the fiery touch of fire god’s tongue you find out about the pepper and smoke, about the wood and.. a taste bit like Jura. For me, this shares a lot of similarities with isle of Jura whiskies.
The finish is nice, real nice. It lasts long enough and will open up possibilities to share yet another tale about the times when the fire god was young and titans were just emerging.. in the Midsummer’s magic.

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