Monday, July 20, 2015

Laphroaig PX and Laphroaig PX

20150608162505-IMG_5714_smallThey are both distilled, both matured three times and even in similar casks: at first in the ex-bourbon, then at the Quarter Casks and finally in Pedro Ximenez. What is different, is how they dress up. The rest of differences I’ll taste soon enough.
Laphroaig, like all distilleries in general, are making changes. Usually they move into more non-age statement whiskys (like this one) to get more products out more quickly and to experiment. Of course the financials win here. How good whisky can you produce and how much money you can get from it. They don’t work for charity, but then again not all products please us who chant in the name of smoky drams.

Comparing the old PX and the new PX.
  • The color is almost the same. The older version is a tiny bit darker in hue.
  • The nose is slightly different. The older version is more like a pirate, while the new version is the married captain. It has the experience, but is also softer on surface.
  • The old one has a striking palate. Strong, Hard hitting. a sharp knife that stabs but you will feel euphoria. A wind of the sea that blows and brings the rain with southern spices and fruits. 
  • The new one’s palate is a lot softer. It is much more smooth but when comparing to the pirate: the captain does not have his left arm anymore. The bite is gone and it has affected his outbursts as well. More careful and planning and also less dangerous.
20150608162737-IMG_5725_smallIt would be easy to say that new one is but a shadow of the old master. But that’s not all in the story. It has changed, and it will please more people as it is now. It is less harsh, less crude and it will speak you in Shakespearean lyrics.

Occasionally that is good, since you don’t want to dwell too deep into sailor’s stories. But then again, the rounded body is not always what you want to experience. You need a companion that is rough and tough, to bring out the joy in the darkest moment.

But it is also about the contrast. The new PX is a lord among noble men and damsels of high kings court. It is still the captain of the ship, but it would not dare to oppose the pirate it learned the tricks from. However, it will charm the dames and it can dance too if needed. Choose your adventure first, then choose your companion for it.

Off the record: the finishing scent in the glass is excellent in both of these. The pirate is stronger, though.

(The old pirate in the boat above)

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