Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Marriage! (aka Whisky Wedding )

Often it is the marriage of wood and whisky, but this time it involved people who enjoy each other, the life and smoky but delightful drams. And of course the wedding would not appear in this blog, if it did not include those elements of Islay. Our cask lid with names and date came directly from the Bruichladdich where it had been a actual whisky cask lid. We also managed to gather up various whisky themed props and decors to spice up the summer celebration. With a lots of effort and help from friends and family we built this fabulous day directly into our home. And since we live on the countryside, what would a wedding be if it did not last for two days..


Of course I have to add one more photo of my beautiful and smart wife, before getting into more details of whiskies and drinks. I of course had a lots of pressure to get my own wedding photos good enough, since usually I spend my time behind the camera – instead of utilizing quantum mechanics to be in two places at the same time.


Our the most magnificent decoration was to construct the rustic Whisky Bar into our home, and to keep it secret as long as possible. Our guests enjoyed the selection of 22 (mostly smoky) drams we had made available for them. Of course they did love those drams. I’ll post more details about bar later, but I can say there were many distilleries and styles represented – including three Finnish whiskies/distills.


I must say, it was nice to see new people taste and like some whiskies. Some of them were really surprised to actually experience whisky pleasantly. The old Quarter Cask was just a great dram to many guests.