Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Rustic’n’Rough Whisky Bar

What it takes to build a rough style Whisky Bar onto your home? Some worn out wood, old door, couple of old pallets and some solid old looking planks for the desk. The result is that kind of a bar, that takes some effort if you want to move it onto another place – or you actually don’t do it. Just build it where you want it to stay. It is worth it. Here are a few photos of it’s construction and the end result.


Here it begins. The pallets, the door and front supports are in their place.


Just make sure the door is there the right side up, and attach it. The rear supports are also in it’s place.


Note the board in the front of the door (dark board, you can easily miss that), which serves as the rear wall to door desk (the bartender’s desk). Also the boards (high and low) on the business end are necessary to attach facade boards into their place. 


..and it starts to get into the shape! We had some real rough boards to use for this bar’s facade.


Add the higher frame (to hold the plaque) for a better look.


Also it is good to add side shelves. I found it good that there was a another board on the side, to lessen the risk to fall a bottle.



We also added some other decors to the bar. We did not have Four Roses in our wedding menu though. Oh, and the background was empty when the actually party started.


Since we managed also to get a few empty Highland Park sets (Thor, Freya, Loki) they had a place in our bar. Perhaps it was good, that they were empty before the party.



We also had bar mats: Bowmore and Laphroaig. They really boosted the desk for a more Islay experience.




Of course we had to have some Bowmore, Laphroaig and Highland Park available at the bar – especially with these decors.



The actual wedding day was a “bit” in rush and hectic, so I didn’t have time to take photos of the bar’s bartender view. The door desk is large enough to hold a lots of glasses (especially Bowmore whisky glasses, since they don’t fall as easily as Glencairn glasses), extra whisky bottles and of course water bottles.

I am very pleased with the whisky bar. It is big, rough and our style. It will stay in our lobby for now and we can have whisky tastings and another parties (much smaller ones, I presume) later. 

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