Saturday, June 13, 2015

Adelphi Glenrothes 2007 6 years old Powerstrike

A friend of mine, who "for some weird reason" knows that I especially like drams that cause a impact and a tale, gave me a sample of something.. powerful. Adelphi bottling, which already sounds good, of 6 years old Glenrothes. Ok, that sounds young but there has been plenty of good young drams on my path earlier. Sherry maturing, well I am not always a fan of these but there has been great experiences. The Strength is 67.4%. Ok, now he got my attention. I have only once tasted a whisky that was stronger than this one (Old Buck, Finnish 69% bottling), but I yet and actually like the idea. A lot. Let’s push the envelope and lean on the barrel! Here we go.
20150405135307-IMG_3370_small At the first try, I sense a strong presence in the forc..air: lots of oil and sherry. The scent is not bad, nor too strong for me. I kinda like that power level with the rich sherry notes. All I can get out is the sherry fruits and oaken barrel. What I can tell already is that this dram is fun and mad. Just what you need to get your brainwaves to the new phase!

The palate is, for a few seconds, smooth and soft until it really starts powering up. After a short time it just keeps on rising and rising, producing a exploding result at the end. The sherry.. is more at the background, but the massive feel good experience emerges in the aftermath. This is not complex. This is a huge iron mace hit on your face.. You just laugh and ask for the second shot! This is stuff that can melt your bad mood and make you laugh hysterically and smile with a cunning twist. There are tales hidden here, tales that has been told and tales that would have not been told if you were drinking just water instead of this essence of life.

This is not for those who want a easy whisky, what you want to analyze and where you can find numerous notes and angles. This is a big block of stone thrown at you. With a catapult. You either choose to experience the hit, or you run away. Sherry… it is good in this one, because without a sherry there would not be that much remains left - after you were at the fireball bombarment  pinpoint.

I recommend to anyone who wants to test their limits! Just one thing: enjoy this one in careful, small sips and you can prolong the trail – don’t just wander off the cliff by drinking this bottoms up!
The finish will last for a while, so you can start telling your tale and swap thoughts with your friends.

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