Monday, February 23, 2015

The Whisky Mercenary’s 20 years old Glenlossie

Another unfamiliar distillery and dram hailing from Scotland: Glenlossie. I am not sure if I ever even heard their name before, so this has been again a shot in a dark blindfolded and in a near zero gravity. I was browsing for some new experiences and I’ve had a good experience with The Whisky Mercenary Independent Bottler, so I decided to give this sample a shot.
Glenlossie has been around since 19th century (founded 1876) and makes it’s drams in Speyside near Benriach and Longmorn. It is more known (if you can say they are known) for not making recent official single malt bottlings, instead it seems that majority of their whisky goes into blends. Their dram has been bottled by some IBs so they exist in the world of single malts too. If you want to know more about the distillery, I encourage you to visit this site:
The Glenlossie 20 YO TWM is a single cask bottling, which had only 144 bottles. Distilled 1992 and bottled 2012 and it has 57% potency. The label of the actual bottle look great, too bad I already had the sample :) You can see the label in here:
The dram has a light color of a white wine, and a delegate display of oils in the glass. The nose tells about a Speyside with sweet malts. There are floral hints too. Strong, but complex. Despite the lack of smoke, the nose is really good in this point!
The first sip is overwhelming. Oily, broad, a poem with multiple meanings. Spices with flowers, sweet malts and a nice kick is a bonus. Peach and freshness. In the end the palate is more controlled with lemon fruits and spices, turning from sweet into more bitter. One the second sip, the oil is even more apparent with pepper and spices and lemons.
The finish is long with spices. Plenty of lovely spices are there for my enjoyment. I am glad I got the sample, since this dram really surprised me. In the future I do know the name Glenlossie.

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