Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kilchoman 100% Islay, the 4th

It is snowing. As it is usual in the Nordic countries during winter days. The harsh wind stacks snow into piles and waves. The sun was briefly seen yesterday, but generally is grey and dim. The spring is far away, but there moments during winter which makes this a pleasant time of the year. As long as you have the fire available internally and externally. Your pet bear looks curiously when you sharpen your Skrama and Axe in the camp. It also knows, that soon is the moment to taste the burning peatfire and off to the hunt we go.

Kilchoman is still a young distillery. It has not lived during the ages of legends, but it is surely becoming one. The peatfire it produces is into my liking and has been so for many years already. It has a different characteristics of Nordics weaved into it’s chant, which reminds me about the summer. The perfect contrast for deep winter moments, which can chill the life out of you.

Kilchoman has been producing their 100% Islay series for four years now. It is Islay barley, manufactured and produced in Islay. Lightly peated, but comes with a 50% kick nicely. The color is light, but not as clear as in the photo. It is however very transparent which makes the color easily invisible in the smaller amounts. 

20150117135334-IMG_2178_small-2 The nose promises of the smoke, freshness and peat. It brings in memories and brings out the sun during a grey day. The nose is actually balanced, with the edge on the smokiness.

The palate is Kilchoman. The pure, smoothed fire of the Kilchoman. It ends up with sweet weaves, but begins with a freshly put out campfire under a sudden summer rain. Ash and coal, peat and smoke dominate the start, but soon the sweet ex-bourbon vanilla and spices emerge. This one is a really good dram. I regret that I did only could get a sample of this. But I am glad I was able to taste this one!

50% potency is a good level for this one. The burn and the peatfire are extremely lovely during a winter day. The smokiness inside and the smoke coming from the stove really complement each other. This is pure and this one is tasty! Well done, distillery masters! You made my day! 

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