Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kyrö Verso: a young distill growing it’s first real branches

20150307134009-IMG_2813_small The Kyrö Distillery Company is a Finnish Rye whisky (and gin) distillery. It is just a bit over a year old, so they don’t produce real whisky yet – that it is still a couple of years ahead. I got to taste their previous versions (Juuri ‘the root’ and # earlier: ) but now some months have passed and they put their next version: Verso (a fresh branch of plant) into sale. It has been aged for 4 months minimum and it is 100% malted Rye booze with 46.5% in it’s strength score. A product of Finland.

I admit, the Juuri was not too much into my liking. It had a great scent of Rye but there was a lot to improve overall. What you’ll notice with the Verso, is that there is already a lots of color present from the maturation in casks. And  it is strongly present in the scent: Rye. Lots of rye. Dark fresh warm sweet rye bread. The biggest change is the palate: this one tastes already like a whisky, not a booze. Soft, sweet rye is all over the mouth. It is strong and everywhere. Like walking into a rye drying and threshing cabin. This is already soft and it has a potent after taste. Mämmi (malted rye dessert in Finland. Traditional. You must try it – don’t let the looks of it scare you away) is also there. A hint of smoke, like any good Finnish home should have, is present.

20150307134100-IMG_2821_small The taste afterwards has plenty of rye and spices. While I am a big fan of smoke drams and fierce whiskies, this one gets into that category without an effort. This one has strong taste which lasts for a long time. There is some rough temper of Finland and Vikings present, there is no subtle hints of court politics. Just a man and the big axe. And lots of humor.

It is a long wait for two or more years of KDC (Kyrö Distillery Company) to mature. I am glad Finns are doing this!

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