Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winterladdie on a dramfire

It is always fun to take a few bottles of these wonderful drams near campfire. The firesmoke accompanies peatfire really nicely. This one is about those fun and memorable moments. And if you wonder about the big knife in the photos. That is a Varusteleka Skarama bushknife. Skrama is a scramasaex,  which dates back to middle ages. A big knife, and useful as a small axe or a carving knife. But that is enough about knives, let’s get onto whiskies.

Finland has again been marvelously present in whisky media. UISGE was banner by authorities to sell advance tickets to whisky tastings.  This means very bad news to those, who were considering attending tastings – since you can only buy tickets to them inside the festival. Previously the fair was called the whisky festival, but of course they had to drop the name whisky out. So, I think it is nowadays just Uisge Festival. I wonder when these shows start just going by a name “Event” or “Show”. Alas, I can’t attend the fair but I hope those who can will have a great time and experience new drams.

But enough text, it’s time for Bruichladdich dram photos!


20150117140011-IMG_2230_small 20150117140051-IMG_2234_small   20150117140456-IMG_2250_small  20150117141004-IMG_2342_small

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