Monday, August 4, 2014

The strange little vial named “B”

Swapping samples is usually fun and a practice commonly shared with fellow bloggers – at least in Finland. No money, just an eagerness to hear what other writers (or whisky drammers generally) like about some uisge beathas. There are samples, which you know. And then there are samples, which are either numbered or labeled. This one was with a letter “B”. I think, it is not a half-B and it is not named Eric. But it does have a twist.

It has been a hot summer in Finland. And while my phone updates itself I can finally concentrate on writing something new – about the (half) B. As said, it’s been a wonderful summer here in Finland. Just shortly after the start of July it has been sunny, thunderous and hot. And I got this sample in June. Naturally, since I was busy with other mundane stuff like roof bricks and Midsummer Eve Whisky, I of course forgot this sample into a car’s glove compartment. It was there roughly a month and a half, boiling and gathering new characteristics. I just think, this one is not the same sample as it was when I got it from the Mushimalt. But there is not stopping now!


The nose is interesting. And this time in a good way. There are very familiar scents and feelings with this one. Mostly it reminds of a bourbon but not as a bourbon as I knew it at it’s worst.

The palate clears away the feeling of Scotch. It feels more like a bourbon. Not clean, rough, vanilla and dryness. Perhaps this is rye whisky. While tasting, there is a strong scent of grain and/or rye. The rough grain emerges more, once you get onto third sip. Grain produces a interesting memory of granary on a countryside.

The afterwards experience is something like a mix of moonshine, rye, barley and promise of the good party. The fading memory of events in the granary do emerge. This is not bad, but this one is not my favorite either. This kind of dram would serve nicely with a spicy fish food or barbequed chicken.


  1. And the winner is.... Ballantines 17yo blended Scotch. If talking about blended whiskies, this one is pretty good in my opinion. And affordable too (if purchased from internet). Maybe it was a little too "glove compartment"-finished this time :D

    1. Yes, I agree, there are lots of much worse blended whiskies out there. This was not bad, but it may be that my special finishing did change it's taste a bit :) Easy to drink, I agree.