Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Ultimate Isle of Jura 1989 23yo Single Cask #30713

The wandering man was wearing a long, dark, cloak that moved silently even when the wind was staying still. Nobody paid any attention to his hair or boots, since everybody was always focusing on his eyes and hands. His gaze was so intense, that you could almost feel the stone creeping upon your veins as you were petrified under medusa’s fierce stare. He did not turn you onto a form of statue, but you still played like you were one. It was the awe and the fear of the fear. You never knew, if it was the vastness of the universe behind his glowing amber eyes, or was it the emptiness of ceased stars that were drinking the energy off from the neighbor stars. If that was not enough, the hands closed the deal. Barren, rough, battle-seen fists seemed to be like those that can strike though a wall of the mightiest castles. And they did. I’ve seen it. It was not a man, it was a force of the nature. They all fled. They always did. When he emerged from the ruins, he usually brought a gift. This time it was this dram. Old, like his rugged cloak. He walked away, while I stayed and enjoyed the secrets of this strange old Uisge Beatha.


The label says this was distilled 17.12.1989 and bottled on a very special day of 15.08.2013. It is the bottle 123 out of 240. Also it states it is 46%.

20140813-20140813193941-IMG_9568_small Colored like the man of mystery’s eyes. Amber tainted with gold. Perhaps a bit pale from the “ideal” color but nevertheless not bad. Pleasant and captivating. Sweet oils and nose, accompanied with vanilla, peat and remains of light smoke.

The taste of like a song of life. It begins soft and gains volume and power as it goes on. There are complex notes that emphasize the peat and fire, yet it remains soft and demanding. It does not have too much contradicting voices, but they all aim for the same star. It is always the second from the right. Peat dominates this world, but instead of being a Tyrant, it is a just King and a Seer who practices the secrets for the behalf of land and future. Sweet tones carry and when the song re-emerges from it’s journeys the sweetness gains more space and sings a duet with the peat. The song fades away slowly, echoing in the big hall for a long time.

This is a really extraordinary Jura who dances on tongues!

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