Tuesday, July 29, 2014

AD Rattray Cask Islay – the mystery of the NAS oak

A.D. Rattray is a famous indie bottler, but their products have rarely fallen onto my hands. You can learn of them from their web pages, if you are interested for more: http://www.adrattray.com/
20140618-20140618103202-IMG_8785_small This is, again, one more of those mystery drams. Distillery is kept hidden. The age is kept hidden. Pretty much is hidden, until it is poured onto the glass. This dram is bottled at 46%, so this should a easy one to drink up. The maturation has been one in the oak.
20140618-20140618103513-IMG_8792_small From the nose, I’d turn my watchful eye towards Laphroaig or Caol Ila. Young power is present, I’d say this is a very young dram based on the nose. Behind the fire breathing cough can be found smoke and peat, as well as some saltness and iodine.
The palate is softer than I expected. It is oily, dreamy and contains a nice sharp fire in it. This one is a really enjoyable! The age is much harder to guess now, since there are sweet tones, broad shoulders and smoking guns. I’d guess there are more Laphroaig than Caol Ila here. The maturation has been done excellently! The oily smoke remains for a long time, but longer than usually is the case with NAS mysteries.
The Finish is not eternal, but suits me fine. Burned sweetness, oils, smokiness and peat remain in my mouth for long enough. There are moments, when the burned smoke walks in and out of it’s shelter filling the air with it’s fumes.
For the price tag, this one rocks. Inexpensive, but a nice quality whisky. I must consider that this one could be a dram for after dinners, not just for tasting occasions.

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