Monday, August 18, 2014

Glenfiddich Rich Oak 14 years old

The Glenfiddich is a very well known Speyside product in Finland. It can be found from most of the bars, in case there is at least one Scottish single malt in the shelf. The other one is usually Laphroaig 10YO. I got a sample of this Rich Oak 14YO from a friend, after he heard I haven’t really encountered a really good and tasty Glenfiddich. For me, most of them are ok but there isn’t anything too special about them. They have some bitterness in them, that does not comply well with my receptors.

Rich Oak 14YO is matured in ex-bourbon barrels for 14 years first. After that, they get to spend 12 weeks in new European (Spanish, according to some sources) Oak barrels and finally 6 weeks in new American Oak.
The nose is pleasant. There is lots of oak, but not a dry vanilla that usually strikes hard on the face. Instead there are fruits and spices woven to the oaken feel.

The palate is first very light. Very very light. There isn’t much body here, but after some time the oak gets some strength but it is still a delicate touch, like a elven scripture that can only be read during midnight moonlight. Second sip gets more power, and the oak grows in length and width. It shows some the roots it has, that go backwards into times of noble windjammers.

The aftertaste is still bitter, but with spices. It lasts a long time, but during that time you have sweet oak and pepper spices in your mouth. It is not smooth for me, but it does have some more distinct character than I originally feared.

I will keep on the search for a Glenfiddich that will cause a real wow effect for me.

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