Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Edradour 13YO Straight from the Bordeaux cask to life

Edradour is, by their claim, the smallest distillery in Scotland. Hailing from the highlander landscapes they produce very interesting whisky now and then. This dram is from a single cask (411 bottles), cask strength (55.8%), initially matured in hogsheads (distilled 14.9.1998) until 2.5.2007. In the same day it was transferred into Bordeaux Hogshead and finally bottled by hand 23.1.2012. Not every whisky bottle shares the same kind of information as this one.
The nose is fruity and fresh. Red wine is apparent and the feeling of whisky is rich. It does not carry my imagination into another world, but perhaps into fields of wine grapes, lands that roll smoothly and sun is shining. There numerous workers gather the ingredients that will become smashed under red feet that squeeze the nectar out of them. The owner of the villa walks around, smoking a cigar and holding a pint of wine in his hand.
The taste follows that change, that transforms grapes into seducing wine. Burning and boiling just a bit, it zigzags and runs it’s course into a large barrel. Finally waiting to be matured, eager to act as young energetic prodigy. There are now no minutes and no light. Everlasting timelessness engulfs the once-we-were-grapes and they sit patiently. There is a tale indeed, but it is not of the North. Nice, complex, spicy, biting and lasting. No heroic deeds, but a good tale that will keep you entertained.
The finish is longer than I thought it would be. Bordeaux finish works beautifully and makes this a stylish and enjoyable dram, when tasted in it’s original strength. I don’t add water to my whisky usually, this time I tested it. Don’t. It does not help, at least not for me. On the contrary, this is far better with a bite than watered down.

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