Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adelphi Caol Ila 2001 11 YO Single Cask #303802

The fierceness of the moment when heavy cavalry clash arms and draw blood. In that instant the life is eternal, time is frozen and you can only imagine from the observer’s point that what is going on. What they think. Is there any time to even raise one thought? You only see helmets, shining metal, hear the screams and yells, the thunder of feet and clinking of armors. Loud strikes, fearful faces, violence, blood, crashing bones, cries of help. And nothing will help. You will push your mind away, strike again and not to think at all. You either survive, or not. There is nothing you can do about it – except that you fight.
Later on, after the charge you will face mixed up rows. Individual duels, that have no honor or option to yield. You fight, but you think. The initial dragon rage is gone, it is much more cunning and intelligent now. You seek for weak moments, and try not to reveal any to your opponent. You think that you might survive, but you should not. You fight, but not under the rage of the world. You fight now, because this is what you love.
20130427114051-IMG_6739_smallOnce the battle ends, you stand in a knoll over the battlefield. Surrounded by dead enemies. There is a sweet moment of victory, and all that fire melts away. You smile. You are alive. Just for this moment, it was necessary to through the battle and all earlier phases. It always smells so good.
That is the nose tale of Adelphi’s 2001 Caol Ila, which is 11 years old and has been matured in a refill sherry hogshead and finally bottled 2013. Only 280 of these knights exist. 60.6% tells that they are cask strength, tested and strong warriors. 
The taste burns like a moment inside the battle. It boils your mind, burns your tongue and yet you love every moment of it. Striking again, looking for a moment, opportunity, when you down your foe and again you yell our your battle cry, war face scaring the young squire away.
The taste is great. It lets you walk on the battlefield, feeling the heat and the rage and in a instant you are looking it from the high cliff, feeling the breeze and seeing only a playfield where you can move the pawns into a new position. You want their king surrounded. There is a lots of magic here, dark forces, that will make it easier. But that would be cheating, and this dram is not a nonsense. It is intense, powerful, raging bull that will take you to a land of experiences you have not encountered before. This is something, that you can tell tales over it, and give a tasting a brand new dimension.

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