Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bruichladdich First Growth Cuvée A: Pauillac (Chateau Lafite) during Summer

It is not even a Midsummer Night and yet the nature is green, blossoming and growing. The heart of the summer has arrived earlier in Northern lands. You feel the heat, the dryness, the moist of approaching rain and while listening to larks, tits and nightingales sing their endless tunes you get lost in that world.

20130609110447-IMG_9041_smallThe time is but a name, for something you don’t care about today. It is the freshness, the rebirth and sweet lashes of thousands and thousands of scents and aromas that find their way onto your nostrils. There is so much life out there, that it is good to sit down and sip a dram of Uisge Beatha that goes with these feelings. Cuvée A Pauillac is one of those waters. It contains elegancy, richness and warmth that can smile in parallel with a hot sun. Taste is complex and lasting, like in a meadow filled with flowers, butterflies and dragonflies. The enjoyment is about when you lie down a big field and look into clouds and sun far above.

20130609111016-IMG_9083_smallIt is about happy times, smiles and passionate feelings. The essence of summer has been captured into this marvelous and delightful whisky. This is not a smoky one, for me, and it does not take you to a battle against the nature. But it does tell a tale of different kind. And when they do, they are really appreciated drams!20130609110448-IMG_9045_small

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