Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bunnahabhain Darch Ür batch 6 and 8 – From meadows into oaken woods

Batch 6 is a run through blossoming meadows. High paced, filled with colorful butterflies and dragonflies. Every light step spurs out dry land, insects and smell of summer. Then you run into a deep oak forest, moist and dark. Light rays hit the ground, trunks, branches and roots but it is much more quiet. The smell of oak is everywhere, forcing you to stop your flee and looking for a rock, an altar, where to sit and examine the runes from ancient times. A lake nearby is calling. A sword is rising. You are the master now, and those behind you will fall.


Batch 8 follows up the tale. The legendary sword in your hand, you charge through the forest. You fight, you run, you attack and evade. Parry, strike, dodge and leap into a victory. The nameless shadows, that chased you, leave in haste. Your heart racing, thundering inside your chest, you are alive and spit out some oak. The oak and wood is strong here. The taste is powerful and enervating. Darch Ür is echoed through the woods that hide so many secrets. The bitter feeling on your tongue lasts, but in a good manner. There is no sound, there is no more past or future. Time has lost it’s meaning. Age is not important. What is important, is that you can feel, nose, taste and live from the new oak. Spiciness is present, as well as sweet vanilla. The path of full of surprises, as you walk into deeper valleys of the wood. How many batches you will encounter before you find the true Oak?

The great thing about long distances, is that the end does not matter. It is the journey itself that brings out the experiences and events. The tale of Darach Ür is not over yet, and I wait eagerly for following chapters.

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