Sunday, September 20, 2015

Octomore 7.2. the noble peatsmoke beast meets the beauty

There are drams to be found, thought the rogue knight after a long night at local tavern. I will need no other, if I find the source for the legendary nectar of gods and titans. There can be only one dram, continued suddenly the scamp, dressed as a celestial good-doer, which emerged into the thin air. How much did I consume that green drink anyway, thought our dear knight, but the scamp waved him off promising the one true dram and the fame.  So the knight went onto the quest, but he yet has not found a way to recall his steps. Apparently, there can be more than one true dram.

20150912141146-IMG_4247_small While I was really tempted to put the (in)famous Octomore into one true dram’s position it would not be the truth. Octomore eats one true drams as breakfast before it starts to prep for real fights. This is not the killer rabbit, but it is a killer alright. It is a mighty beast that cuts down oaks and would not be ashamed to wear high heels either. I you need a monster, you don’t have to hide this under your bed. Just chat with it before calling it the night.

20150912141131-IMG_4245_small The Octomore 7.2 is a another .2 version from the Bruichladdich distillery. It will cut through you like you were a straw of barley. 58.5% of raw power combined with peatsmoke level of 208 there is a winning combination for anything. 7.2. is a vatting of two different kinds of maturation: american oak and ex-red wine (syrah) barrels. The specs and color are quite right. However on the color: it is the flowing amber, liquid gold, white wineish. Not what you’d expect off syrah barrels (red) so those barrels must have been rather washed.

The nose reveals the Octomore: peatsmoke with sweet tones. There is some freshness and fruits too, but this is Octomore alright.

The first sip is the magnificent experience. Explosion of raw power, peat, phenols, smoke and ash directly feed into your mouth, tongue and soul. This is a bomb released and there is no stopping of the flow. The following sips enhance the experience, but they don’t act so fierce. There is also sweet inside, buried deep into later layers of the enchanted ritual. Burned sugar also rises it’s facade after a while and leaves lots of oil to crawl around the mouth.

The finish.. Ah, the finish. It lasts a long time. Ash, peatsmoke and sweet combination runs endlessly through the mouth.

This is Octomore of Islay. This has again shown who does this ultimate peat experience the best. I dare someone to challenge this and do a peatsmoke monster that van beat this one! I know Laddie will do it, but will there be a competition?

Something to note, when you open 7.3. and taste your first drams they won’t have the same effect. Either leave the dram to get a lots of air before tasting or take a few drams with friends and leave the bottle to wait for a month, two or three. It gets better, a lot better. These drams need to breathe.

Meanwhile, I hope I’ll get to taste 7.3. at some point.

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