Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A sample of mystery and mystical smoke

Samples are a fun way to extend your whisky experience to a new level. Your resources also usually like samples, because they cost a lot less than the whole bottle. But of course, if you like the sample then you might want the whole bottle. Decisions, decisions.. But they are also fun, since you get to taste a lot more whiskies than you otherwise would have access to. And on the top, it is fun to get a mystery sample from a friend to try.

I have no idea of whatsoever what this one is. Most likely I will hear it after publishing the post.

Mysteerisavu The nose in the glass is not that strong. Smoky, yes, but not too thick or immersive. However, when I did got it’s breath directly from the sample bottle it is something totally different. Intense, extremely smoky like burying your nose into yet warm ashes where also sausages and pepperoni are smoldering. And yes, that nose is the one that strikes me with a real power boost. It is quite rare to find out that in a bottle the nose is this much stronger. Perhaps there are some spills or remains, but nevertheless the bottle’s nose is incredible.

The palate is extremely oily and smoky. The oiliness and the bottle smoke is strongly present. Peat flows in my mouth like a molten lava erupting from the Etna. Unstoppable combination that burns, but is nicely majestic to follow. The second sip starts with the sweet oiliness, before changing into peaty oil. Strong and powerful, I’d estimate this is between 50-56% in strength.

What remains, is the magnificent oil and smoke. The lava hardens into a black rock field that slowly falls into a water with a big hiss. I don’t know what this is, but it is a wonderful and a good dram. Works for me.

UPDATE: the mystery was Laphroaig (The Ultimate, 56.9%, 2000, 10 yo, CS)

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