Saturday, October 25, 2014

In the spirit of #Olut and #Viski Expo: Old Oil Engine and Imperial Russian Stout beers

Unfortunately I could not personally attend the annual and traditional (second year) famous Finnish Beer and Whisky Expo, but I thought to bring in some of the spirit into a post. I've heard it's been a very delicious expo, where you could get to taste Lagavulin for a 2€/cl price. Not bad, especially when remembering we are talking about Finland.

Old Oil Engine

I got my eyes onto this very interesting beer bottle, Harviestoun Old Oil Engine. It promises to be dark stout, and it is crafted with a twist. Rich, bittersweet and viscous. And of course, with oil it is very important to have the right viscosity to keep the engine running even in a freezing temperatures.

This beer is thick and rich. White some of stouts have been too bitter to my taste, this is not one of those. It has just the right amount of sweetness to make it extremely enjoyable beer. And yes, the thickness. It is like a three times recycled oil that has been left into a bucket for a year. Black and oily. I need to get a few bottles of this for a second tasting.

This is a wonderful example how there is about a light year between bulk beer and extremely good beer. Just what my engine needed today. Unfortunately, there is no smokiness here - but malts.. Malts are good.

Imperial Russian Stout 2014 vintage

Another very dark beer, this time the producer is Ridgeway Brewing. I was saving this bottle for over half a year since it was bought, since I heard that this beer will only get better with time. I don't know if this was the perfect moment to open it or not, but it goes to the honor of the expo. Sacrificed for the #Viski

It is powerful, as the label says. Dark as the shadow in the midwinter. Not as pitch black as Old Engine Oil, but very dark indeed. What is lacks in the color, it certainly adds to the intensity. 10% ABV is strong and comes with a nice kick. Taste has a lots of burned malts and coffee in there. I can't say this is sweet, but it does have it's appeal. Not too bitter, but it does play on the edge for me.

Two excellent beers in one day!

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