Friday, July 4, 2014

Valamo Monastery starts the production of their holy wate..whisky!

A new Whisky producer emerges in Finland, if I must add in one of the most beautiful regions of Finland. Valamo Monastery has already made some experiments, but the real production starts in autumn 2014. It will be real whisky: matured for over three years in 220 liter oak barrels. They invest at whisky about 1M€ and will produce about 120 000 liters of pure alcohol – they will start their work as soon as they get their pots and production facilities ready.

First public sale of products can be expected at the spring 2018, but you can already start to reserve your own barrels. If you are interested, you might want to contact these persons

Production and product development Timo Kettunen,, +358 400 171 902

Monastery whisky and barrel politics, Arttu Taponen,, +358 500 285 903

Finnish press release can be read from Viskisieppo blog:

This is a interesting and most welcome news. This will be the fourth whisky of note in Finland (others being Teerenpeli, Old Buck and Kyrö), although there are some others – small ones - as well. I must say, I just got a reason to visit that Monastery.

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