Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The goddess of Love makes an appearance as Highland Park Freya

While I was traveling at the faraway land, I found a oracle who pointed me to visit the Angle Terre’s pilgrimage in a strange country, where stories tell of polar bears walking on city streets! I found the country but I didn’t find the ice and bears – instead it was the early summer and a hot day. Not all stories can be trusted! I am glad it turned out this way.

WP_20140602_18_51_24_Pro I was able to get my second – now a more proper – tasting of Freya when I was there. The first time I tried it out was not a optimal situation – just a single sip after a big number of tastings. I am glad I got the chance.. by a act of luck.

The nose is deafening. It simply calls forward the nymphs and dryads of the green forest. It alters the mind and sends you to the another place and time. It is sweet and like a sap, the plant’s juice. Oak is present, but it does not rule the show.

The taste is enchanting, soft and lures you into more deep into the forest than you would normally go. It entangles you into it’s promises and havocs your sense of direction. When you hit your forehead onto oak, you are already lost. The second mouthful finds the more sharp tongue, thorns and the wild nature of this being. Soon, after soothing words and promises, it will soften and whispers you of the night.

Freya is the meeting of a loved one under the crescent moon, by a waterfall which sparkles the mystical pond next to it, surrounded by rocky shores and ancient trees. This is was a journey I enjoyed very much!

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