Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ardbeg Auriverdes – round two!

Yes, I know Ardbeg Auriverdes is about the soccer/football. It is about the Brazil. It is about the gold and green. So naturally, I chose to take the photo at the tennis field with tennis rackets and a ball, that is yellow. It is about the sports. Finding the balance. Scoring the points. Competition. Exceeding your limits. Making it enjoyable and fun!
Just some thoughts of the second round. The first round article is here.
Nose: Strong dragon’s fiery breath is still present, but not as bad as about a week ago when the bottle was uncapped the first time. Comparing to the experience I had at the Angle Terra there is less mocha present. Letting the dram breath and nosing it carefully, avoiding the dragon, the mocha latte, smokiness and the toast can be found nicely. Peat with fresh herbs makes a random guest star appearance.
Palate: Soft at first, but gets strength, complexity and richness at a rapid pace. Oily, smoky and peaty world expands in the mouth. Spices and mocha do rise from the peat. A more difficult to get past the opponent’s guard than at the first time. Perhaps more time is needed, to tire them to the limits.
Some later sips produce oak, vanilla and toasted mocha out nicely. Oiliness remains in the mouth for a lengthy finish, with spices and smoke.
I will give this one more time and get back to this at the round three. At the moment, there is no clear winner, if that chances later – I’ll write about it.

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