Monday, May 26, 2014

The Nameless One walks again in the name of the Mystery

“What can change the nature of the man?” was the question whispered to the infinity a long time ago. The Nameless One was trapped on a eternal quest to find out who he was. Traveling through realities, discovering unbelievable events and creatures he went on. Fighting his way from the lowest of hells into highest of planes, he looked and seek for the answer. Amongst his journeys, he happened to pick up a bottle that was out of his world. There was no known origin, no known training nor relationship. It was like he was, without a past and future, without a history. Just existing in the moment and providing experiences. The world changes around these two travelers. There is a dram and a man. They have characteristics that will make them live again and again. This is more than just a bottle, it has a story waiting to be told..

20140526-20140526163315-IMG_4288_small The Nameless One is a true mystery. It seems that even it’s bottlers don’t know the distillery where the cask came from. It has no markings, it has no origins. It just floats through time and lets us taste it’s wonders. What is known, however, is that it is of 18 years old and it was distilled 1995 and bottled 2014. It was matured in a sherry cask and it comes from the Speyside. And it bears the strength score of 46.8%. I grant, some of the mystery veil was just lifted and portions of the origin revealed. However, sweeping through the layers it is like a descend into a Abyss..

The nose is sweet and floral. However, it is not too sweet – a surprise for me! Very pleasant and charming. A bits of spice and a long quest lingers there. Answers that are hidden.

The taste is very smooth and surprisingly oily. Spices are stronger than sweetness. Pepper and more fruits are there as well as floral summer fields. On a second take, the portals open to another planes again and the step is well oiled and slick. Sweetness accompanies this one very nicely. There is no harsh bite of sherry nor unpleasant side encounters.

However, this road is not too long either. It squirms into a dead end sooner than expected. There should be more into it, but I just can’t find the door. Perhaps it is yet hidden of me. But it was a nice journey so far, this has provided me that it has potential and secrets yet to be open to the light. It is the best Speyside for me so far – at least of what I can recall right now.

And of course, the name and the label do really add to the story with inspiration! Final note that ends the song: oily pepper.

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