Friday, May 9, 2014

Bowmore 100 degrees proof kicks without mercy

There hasn’t been too many Bowmores in my blog lately. Nor during it’s years. A few. I must admit, that Bowmore is not often my the most favorate smoky dram – but it the one I started the journey with. Perhaps I should revisit them a bit more often and find out it’s secrets.

Bowmore is mostly about citrus/lemon pepper and smoke, accompanied too often with some sherry infused fruits. Some time ago ( a while, actually) I got myself this 100 degrees proof travel bottling of Bowmore. Of course it is time to write about it. Finally.

It has a very spiky and stingy nose. While I did enjoy Tempests, this one is way more raw and untamed. This is not about it’s roaring personality, but being inexperienced and unfinished. It is cask strength, 57.1% which is actually what 100 degrees proof mean.

Even after being in a glass for a while, the alcohol is really strongly present. I usually enjoy cask strength drams, but it is very difficult to get any other characteristics out of this. Some dry fruit, yes, some smokiness but overall it is a real bully. A short eternity spent with breathing it’s proof away, finally gives out more. Some vanilla oak, more smoke and .. yes. the sea is finally present.

20140322-20140322121048-IMG_3861_smallThe taste is very Bowmorish. It is actually Bow-and-more with steroids. It is really close to what I recall it’s 12 YO normal version to be, but this one kicks with giant soccer player’s feet that wear iron boots. Citrus, check. Smoke, check. Also some vanilla oak and lots of sherry sweetness. Contrasting with it’s breath it is more easier to taste than I was afraid of. Seconds and thirds are even more easier but sip by sip there is more and more sherry present. While it is sweet, the result is really filled with dry fruits.

The finish is burning. This one feels like it’s ripping your skin away while making it’s way down. Use small sips, don’t try to get it all in at once.
It was certainly different than what I recalled. It is not my style of dram, since I guess I’ve gotten to get very fond of peat these days, but it is still ok. It has a strong character, it does not savior other dimensions but one, but it is clear in what it is doing. It is meant to test people. Test the will.

Actually this would do nicely in a tasting. It is good to have different kinds of drams in the journey. This one would also do very nicely outside, where weaker tastes fade to the nature. Bowmore has strong, overwhelming, experience that can compete with pinetar smoke and yet it can have some fruits in the taste.


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