Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blackadder Peat Reek Raw Cask will take you beyond any event horizon .. with a cunning plan

20140526-20140526162053-IMG_4251_small Blackadder. The name rings a bell. He was the man who sold you this map – for a good price. He was the one, he just couldn’t take the easy journey because of his lungs and heart. “it is easy coin. Just equip for a two week hike and find the lair. It would be a shame to left all the treasure just to wait for anybody random average peasant”. Yes, I did buy the story. It cost me all my accumulated wealth – but he was kind enough to sell me some gear with a lower price. So what do I have now. I have a sword, that is not made of steel. The first hit made it break – it was a decoration. I have a shield, that seems to be sturdy enough. My rations were old and wormy. I should have realized to turn back, before it was too late. But I was too greedy. I followed the map, starting to believe there is nothing. I was wrong. There is a treasure. Lots of it. But the bad side, is that I walked in smiling. There is, of course, a guardian. A huge dragon who has played with me and lured me into a corner. I am afraid, this one is not as easily fooled as the Smaug was. This one will have a hot fire breath that has some acid in it too. One last breath and a the final spell in my pocket is about to do it’s “here comes nothing”.

The raw punch with gentle rage

This is not the first Blackadder Raw Cask I’ve tasted. There has been a few earlier and one thing is very common with these: they all bite and spit peatfire like a ancient dragon of old tales. This one’s nose is not an exception. It is filled with peatfire, fueled with rage and administrated kindly like a Gozilla’s smash – with claws. No wonder, it is strong (60.5%) and most likely it is untamed Caol Ila. Bottle is 114 out of 259 but I have no idea of the cask number. Ref is PR2013-5. Single Oak Hoghshead.

Oily taste hits you before you even realize it

The taste is – of course – strong but it is less furious as the nose. It is just a full salvo of English bowmen at the Agincourt – all hitting the same unfortunate French squad. Oil gets poured off the wall, and it will set itself on fire while making it’s way down towards the unfortunate. It burns hot, it releases lots of smoke and it will make you feel alive again – once you survive the first hit. A truly massive experience again! Oiliness, vanilla, spices and peatfire with smoke clearly are the four tactics used to build this dram of mass devouring.


The Finish.. 

once you live through it all.. is pleasant and oily. There is peat and smoke, lingering fire that yet burns for a long time. It is indeed to my liking – on a certain mood for something that provides a lasting experience.

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