Friday, February 21, 2014

Kyrö Distillery : Rye Whisky from Finland with attitude .. but not just yet

20140206-20140206195826-IMG_3087_small Kyrö Distillery is a newcomer in Finland’s small whisky business. They are starting their distillation in early 2014, so they don’t have anything to taste yet, except their test batches, but you might want to check their web pages at:
I talked with these chaps at the Uisge, and found out that they have a healthy dose of Finnish attitude and madness in them, so I have lots of hope that they will succeed. Why wouldn’t they?

Also, at Viskikaappi forum people are working to purchase one barrel from Kyrö in advance. Kiinnostaako ostaa osuus Kyrön tulevasta tynnyristä? Jos vastaus on kyllä, matkaappa Viskikaapille.

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