Saturday, January 18, 2014

More PC11 photos and some photo tips

A few more photos of this famous PC11 whisky. The Dram was not harmed during taking these photos, but the bottle itself got a nice tar-coating being near burning pine bonfire. The result is, that the bottle has not a very smoky-tarred character of it's own.

A few tips for those who are interested about taking this kind of photos
  • get close, and try to have different depths in the shot (foreground, object, background)
  • don't get too close, so you don't burn your lens. 100-200mm will usually be fine (I use 135mm often).
  • if you place the bottle near/on flame, pay attention to it's heat level. The glass won't heat instantly, but it will get hot if you keep it in the flames - and it can affect the taste of the dram as well.
  • use of assistant is highly recommended.
  • plastic will melt when in contact with the fire
  • fire and smoke need to have some action, a small amount of smoke does not do it usually.
  • experiment: take lots of shots using different angles and speeds. I usually have a very big aperture (f2) combined with mid-tele (135mm) to mystify the background.






  1. Replies
    1. Laseja kuten viskejäkin on eri hintaisia. 100/2 tai 150/2.8 on hyviä myös, 200/2.8 tai /4 voi antaa myös hyviä mahdollisuuksia jänniin kuviin. Kannattaa testata erilaisia vaihtoehtoja. :)