Friday, January 31, 2014

An extensive tasting with friends

Now and then we gather up with “the boy’s club members” and set up a whisky tasting session. A lots of bottles, food and sauna most often accompany the long evening. While the meeting is “the thing”, whisky tasting is the act that forces us to break some time from busy schedules and spare an evening together.
This time we had less attendees, but we did make it up by bringing more bottles per person than earlier. Never before we had 4 Octomores in one tasting!
  • Balcones Brimstone 53% (Bourbon)
  • Monkey Shoulder (Blend)
  • Port Charlotte Scottish Barley
  • Port Charlotte PC11
  • Octomore 6.2.
  • Octomore 4.2. Comus
  • Octomore 2.2. Orpheus
  • Loch Lomond 45YO
  • Bunnahabhain 22YO Single Cask
  • Kilchoman Machir Bay 2013
  • Kilchoman Vintage 2007 6YO
  • Kilchoman Club Release 2013 Single Cask
  • Octomore 3.1.
It was a very interesting – and talkative – night. The key to have this many bottles in one tasting is to keep your drams less than a dram.. Small portions, and you’ll survive! Octomore Orpheus was the clear winner (it went off the scale) but Octomore 6.2. followed right on it’s tail. This was one of the best tasting series we've had!


  1. Hi there, just wondering if you guys held onto the bottle and container for the Octomore Orpheus, I've been trying to chase one down!

  2. I will ask around, if there is a available empty bottle!