Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Laphroaig Cairdeas 2013 Port Wood Edition for the Friends of Laphroaig

20130907-20130907100711-IMG_1846_smallDeep inside the wilderness, where wild beasts walk and mate, the camp is set. The long hours of day are behind and dark mystical sky turns the hourglass to symbolize it’s reign. The fire is being set up from dead trunks of tree, filled with tar and smoke inside them. Small sticks catch the tender flame first, and they start eating that try tinder that was kept safe during showers and mist. Soon there is a smoke circling the wood and crackling sounds boom the silence. Fire is born and light reveals the tarp and worn out gear. Prehistoric travelers wonder the richness of the sky and wait for the moon to raise, since it is the night that demands rituals to ensure good hunting and game.
I’ve taken a few tastings of Cairdeas, but today when I started to write about it I was surprised about it’s feel and mood. Cairdeas Port Wood (51.3%) is an special annual release and this year it was sold empty in a matter of hours. As name suggests, this has seen port wine finishing to create a variation for ordinary Laphroaig taste.
The nose is charming me. The smokiness is not hitting with full strength, but it is there. As a promise. Also ordinary Laphroaig intimidation is hiding and does a very good job with it.
Taste reveals that the fire is burning. Smokiness is strong and taste bites like a big bear with a mortal wound. It does not last that long, but the peak is powerful. After that it is about the smoke and the wine with sweetness. Not the most ordinary combination with Laphroaig, but for me this is a home run! Second mouthful enhances the sweetness but the campfire keeps on burning and adding smoke. This something that shows off what smoky Islay can also produce. Very enjoyable experience and this one will keep the chatter going on when you have a tasting!  20130907-20130907101226-IMG_1863_small

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