Monday, September 23, 2013

Glenmorangie SIGNET

Sturdy. Steady. Strong. When you pick this bottle up, you will be amazed by it’s build and weight. It is made to give out a statement, that it is not just a average dram walking on it’s way. There is a mind behind. Signet is captivating on it’s form and design, also the color in the bottle is fantastic. But that’s just the bottle, what about the Whisky?

20130907-20130907103624-IMG_1927_smallSignet is a non-age statement whisky. I was given this one as a present, and I heard that whisky store owner had quite a tale to tell during the acquisition. They say, it has at least 5% of 40 YO Glenmorangie, in the internet they talk about over 30YO but only the distillery knows, I think. It is good to think that there is at least a bit of 40YO in it. Signet is a combination of rare elements and, by their words, clouded in secrecy. And I do like good tales, so this is provocative about it’s origins. Also, Signet has collected winnings in whisky competitions which only makes the anticipation and expectation higher.

One thing I must say already, which I don’t like, is that the coloring is a construct and not a natural result. Of course it is mostly just the color, but it kind of takes away one respectable foot from the evaluation. 

Nose is pleasant and rich. It is smooth, easy and made to serve. It is a mix of multiple aromas, where sherry is the most dominant – but using soft leather gloves so there isn’t any snap in it.

Taste starts smooth and pleasurable. After a while there is a bit more sherry, but there isn’t much sting that Glenmorangie often serves for me. This has no edges, it is a rolling hills with meadows that are always sunny and shiny. Lustful and seductive, sweet tastes that combine with kind of coffee like characteristics and on the second mouthful I do get more spices, much more spiciness.
The taste lingers in the mouth a long time after the last sip. I must say that while this is not of Islay, this is something that I do enjoy. There are no harsh feelings, no stingy bees but instead a finely tuned mandolin that can make you feel good and just enjoy the smooth evening!

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