Friday, April 10, 2015

Verso “Sprout” and Juuri (Origins) just made my cocktail!

While I was visiting the distillery, it was a nice surprise to learn more about these rye make boozes. The Verso will be a normal range product and thus be available more or less frequently from the stores. The idea is not the include Verso in whisky tastings (except out of curiosity) but to use it as a ingredient in various drinks / cocktails. You can also use Juuri (the Origins) instead of Verso in these ones.


The Versordier Cocktail (was: Bulevardier, was: Negroni)

  • a chilled cocktail glass for added visual experience
  • One part Campari
  • One part sweet vermouth
  • A bit more than one part (1.25) of Verso or Juuri
Add all ingredients to a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir and strain into a cocktail glass. Add a orange twist to garnish the experience. This is also known as Ilmari Turja in Kyrönmaan Matkailunedistämiskeskus.

The Leväluhta Bog Spring

Near the Distillery is a sight called Leväluhta bog. One of it’s characteristics is that the water of the bog runs red during the springtime. The other part that you might want to note is that the bog has recently released over a hundred human skeletons from it’s depths. The oldest of these corpses date back to the Merovingian and iron age. There are tales and whispered speculations of the origins of these poor souls, the truth will most likely remain a eternal mystery.
Leväluhta_bog,_Merovingian_age_bones_-_National_Museum_of_Finland_-_DSC04176[1] (photo from Wikipedia)
To stir up the Leväluhta Bog Spring you need to modify the since-the-ages-famous Old Fashioned. For more grim and memorable lights/night out, use drinking horns or skull shaped glasses.
  • a nice pour of Verso or Juuri
  • some beetroot syrup
  • 3 dashes Bitters
  • perhaps a splash of soda water, or water from the bog spring..

Stir, don’t shake, with a bone-shaped stick. A must-have for the next Halloween!


Pukkilansaari “the Isle of Pukkila”

Pukkilansaari is a island on Kyrö river. You need to use a ferry to cross the stream to get there, but it is worth it since during summertime there is a outdoors dance hall. And that is where you need to find yourself in a Northern summer night.
The original drink is the Whisky Sour, with some KDC modifications. To get one use
  • a nice pour of Verso or Juuri
  • Fresh Finnish Strawberries (other countries are ok too)
  • Egg white
  • Lemon juice
  • simple syrup
  • some dashes of Bitters
These should get you started. The texts for Leväluhdan Lähde and Pukkilansaari were taken and very loosely translated from Kyrönmaan Matkailynedistämiskeskus cocktail descriptions. More will come later. 


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