Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kilchoman Single Cask private bottling for Whisky in Leiden 2014

The Kilchoman drams are sneaking into the age, getting more mileage every year. Last year we got a six years old bottling and this year .. we’ll see. Before that happens, however we can settle for 6 years old single cask, that is just four months short of being qualified to a school in Finland. This dram was made possible by Dutch people who arranged Whisky in Leiden 2014, they ordered a single private cask from Kilchoman for that event. I am glad I got my hands onto one of those bottles.

20140405-20140405142256-IMG_3934_small The specs are: cask strength bottling at 60.4%, ex-bourbon cask with id 142/2007. Distilled 13.6.2007 and bottled 21.2.2014. 245 bottles, of which this one is number 179.

This one was quite fun to photograph. We came up with an idea to use pears and nature, since this is all about those. This is harsh, like a strong late winter storm wind, and pleasant like a early spring sun warming the cliff you sit on. There is a bite of a snake reborn from hibernation and the smoke of bonfire and a pot of coffee boiling just above it. It is an experience, not served to those with lesser histories. This one requires visits to the outer limits to fully enjoy it.

The nose is unforgiving. You will encounter the fiery dragon breath that will smoke your nostrils. Wait and you will find out all that complexity that is in there: pear, lime and peat.

The palate burns, but also brings out the pear as a very dominant taste. Just be careful not to eat any chili or strong spices before this one – or you will be drawn into the land of elemental fire. Smokiness, pear and other ripe fruits can be found too! Peat is not that dominant anymore – in fact this is not like other Kilchomans in that sense.  Second and third sips will enhance peat and fruits a lot, there is a flood of sweetness that will turn into more complex experiences rapidly. Lime and other citrus are also standing out proud when the demon of fire grins and laughs. Oiliness will be more present later and the hot burn does continue.

20140405-20140405142834-IMG_3961_small I did not test this one with any water on it. At least not yet. I did take small sips and let the mouth water them. The experience is rougher that way, but in my opinion it is a way more stronger and pleasant too.

20140405-20140405142700-IMG_3954_small The finish contains the smokiness and peatfire. There are fruits and complexity present too, but I really enjoy the smoke with this one! Later all this will turn into a softness and the afterglow is bright enough to fill in a large hall. I am waiting to get my hands on to seven yo Kilchomans!


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