Sunday, December 15, 2013

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley, the Winter Solstice Whisky of 2013

This time of the year is full of flavors and strong tastes. Oriental, Scandinavian, Celtic, Teutonic and even Gothic present their full choice of tastes and spices. Who dares to try on old Viking delicacies and who rather seeks south, to enjoy a variety of fruits and cheese? It is all about appreciation of the year past, and to celebrate what’s coming next. Winter solstice is near and thus there is a great time to choose one whisky to go with all these splendid holiday times.

20131215-20131215144543-IMG_2189_small For me, to bring in warmth, the whisky needs to have smoke and a strong character. Peat, fire, smoke and charred oak. They all are very present on this one. Some spices, some leftovers of the warm oak. The nose is strong and pleasant. This is a whisky to enjoy by fire and family, friends and laughter.

Taste enhances those feelings. Strong (50%) burning fire, by the fireplace, is an delicacy enjoyed both externally and internally. Some pepper, some spice, even a slight hint of fruits and citrus is present.  This is not the Santa, this is the Dragon who is only masquerading as a bearded shaman with a red cap. There is potent magic, lava and spells. But keeping with the spirit, there is lots of light mood and complex character. The perfect dram for the Winter Solstice and Christmas times.

Charred wood will last long in mouth and this Uisge Beatha will provide some topics to  discuss and enjoyable experience that will do fine with Finnish chocolates and sweet bagels. But you also want to try this one with cheese and fish foods. The testing will commence, how this will fare when taken to sauna for full enjoyment. What I can confirm, that this is a whisky that is made of warmth and friendship, to be enjoyed during those long and dark nights of Winter.

Other great whiskies to be enjoyed during this time of the year are

  • Ardbeg Corryvreckan, filled with tar fire and smoke. Strong, tasty and memorable.
  • Octomore 5.1 or 6.1: the high peak experience, that will stop the clock for a moment
  • Kilchoman Loch Gorm has smoke and sweetness, it will be a delightful different realm of tastes – easier for some, and brings in the happiness via ethereal messenger

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