Friday, August 2, 2013

Bruichladdich news, new Octomore 6.1. & 6.2. 167PPM and more!


Bruichladdich is releasing “imminently” new drams for us to enjoy.

Octomore 6.1. gets to a 167 PPM peatsmoke levels and is aged in American oak. Octomore 6.2. that is aged in Limousin oak Aquitaine. Some comments say, however, that it can’t be Limousin and Aquitaine since both seem to refer to a region. But nevertheless, I’ll be waiting for information. Photo by Bruichladdich!

Other imminent releases are Laddie Classic, a new Islay Barley, a new Bere Barley, a new Port Charlotte plus a PC11.

Does anybody has any more details of these?

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