Friday, August 9, 2013

Balcone Brimstone Whiskey - Oak fire from the broad land

Texas Oak Fire, they say when the sky is filled with fire and brimstone. Those who know, nod knowingly. The smell is like a industrial city burning and forging metal on full speed. They work to the bone. Rocks fell, split and explode filling the streets with the age of efficiency. The smell is inescapable but once you stick in town a while - you get used to it. I got to taste a sample of this most alien Whiskey.

You take a bite. Then the bite takes you with it. Oiliness of those dark engines, blackness of those burnt oak branches. Inevitability of progress that sounds like a factory bell. The time is everything.

I have not had too many experiences with these American bourbon drinks. Most of them have been bad. Only two have remained on the list. This is one of them. No, this is not scotch. Yes, this is better than most of other bourbons. The name gets this one to half-way. The rest of the journey consists of smoke and spiciness. There is a character inside. There is a personality. Even a shallow one but it is more than most of bourbon's got.

I am most interested to see, how they will progress and how they will evolve.. Perhaps industrial town will have a new player who will throw their sabots on the machine and declare a renaissance and new era of taste, smoke and fire with brimstone that burns with a smile and lasting effect.

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