Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Take your Islay Time

Calm morning, sun shining and Eurasian Crane´s screech wake you up. Get out of the tent, smell the moist morning and take a dive into lake water. Blue, chilly and refreshing. Where to today, which path to choose. You might just delay and let time decide for you. Grab a book, read, swim and sleep. In the passing of time, there are no hours and minutes. The time has lost its meaning. You might as well relax and enjoy the summer.

It is usually difficult to find the right whisky during the hottest summer. I rather choose the chilly sparkling wine or a cold beer. But when the night turns in and temperature falls, you can find your tongue missing some familiar tastes.

In case full single malts are still too much, or you are sitting with friends by the fire, you might want to look at those blends or vattings. One of blends is this mysterious Islay Time. Very much smoke, nicely peaty and comes with a Viking character. It wields a heavy sword and handles it’s shield. You might have encountered some of these if you dug deep at the famous Ardbog moors.

I’d say there is a lots of Caol Ila in this one. Most likely Ardbeg as well. This is surprisingly good for a blended whisky. Just a perfect drink for sitting, chattering and sharing with larger doses.
During the summer, there are lots of flies too. They don't seem to be interested by this dram. And if they would - it would not matter since this is 40% strong. Horse-flies however, do prefer dark beer for a swimming pool.


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