Friday, September 12, 2014

The Ardbeg has returned from the space.. with SN2014!

Some years ago, Ardbeg started a great project and participated in another. They both touchdown today, since today marks the date when the famous Supernova returns, along with the Arbeg’s space seed.. err.. malt.. which returns to the ground of the earth from the ISS.

ardbegcrater Ardbeg states in their committee newsletter the following: “When we first conceived of the idea of sending Ardbeg into space it seemed like science fiction. Now we’re proud to say it’s science fact.
The world’s first whisky experiment in space touched down safe and sound in Kazakhstan, T minus a few hours ago. It’s now on its way to a lab in Houston and a team of waiting scientists – among their esteemed number, our very own whisky creator Dr. Bill Lumsden.

Their task is to analyse the effects of gravity on whisky maturation. The team will be studying the interaction of Ardbeg-crafted molecules with charred oak in normal gravity on Earth and in the micro-gravity of space – by comparing the contents of the space vial of these compounds with the control sample from Ardbeg’s Warehouse 3 on Islay.” That crater photo is by Ardbeg.

Ardbeg 1More information about the great experiment can be found on Ardbeg’s site:

Of the news concerning Ardbeg Supernova SN2014 can be found from TWE’s blog.

The Supernova dram  has been officially launched today, but alas there are no news about the sale in Finland. TWE also has some photos and tasting notes you might wants to check here:

Based on TWE’s tasting notes, I definitely want to experience the new Supernova. While waiting for that to happen, those you lucky ones, please let me know of if you got to taste the new Supernova.. and how did you like it?

Meanwhile, I stick to the Ardbeg TEN in my glass and enjoy the weekend!

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